A Doge for Different Decade

One Doge Equals One Doge, and One Dogegold equals One Dogegold

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Version: GoldShibe:1.1.1

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Download Wallet
Version: GoldShibe:1.1.1
I don't always make cryptos, but when do it's a Doge coin.

How Does it Work?

Since Dogegold is created from the Dogecoin source code, Dogegold is a lot like Dogecoin, except the blocks are mined every 30 seconds instead of every 60 seconds. The reward structure is also different.

But why? To learn, to experiment and to have fun. Bitcoin is incredibly complicated. Learning about the inner workings of this technology by making our own coin is certainly more interesting than just reading about it. Also, I missed out on mining dogecoin when it was easy to mine, so I made my own! By using dogecoin as the codebase, this allows me to improve the code based on what the dogecoin devs are doing.

Isn't this just another clone? Well technically, yes, but remember: Litecoin was also "just" a bitcoin clone, and dogecoin was a litecoin clone.

Block 1 : 1000000000 Dogegold
Block 2 : 10000000 Dogegold
Block 10 : 10000 Dogegold
Block 100 : 100 Dogegold
Block 2880 : 500 Dogegold
Block 5760 : 1000 Dogegold
Block 11520 : 1500 Dogegold
Block 23040 : 5000 Dogegold
Block 46080 : 7500 Dogegold
Block 50000 : 9000 Dogegold
Block 100000 : 10000 Dogegold
Block 200000 : 15000 Dogegold
Block 300000 : 20000 Dogegold
Block 400000 : 25000 Dogegold
Block 500000 : 10000 Dogegold
Block 1000000 : 100 Dogegold

Port: 13131
RPC Port: 33111
Testnet Port: 31313
Testnet RPC Port: 11333

Download Wallet
Version: GoldShibe:1.1.1

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages that may occur from using this software. Use it at your own risk.